Child Support

Here at the Law Office of Carrington Mead, Esq., we understand the importance of providing financial stability for your child. Aside from the valuable time you spend with your children, there are needs that can only be met though financial support.

When it comes to determining the financial responsibly of the parent obligated to pay, Florida goes by a prefabricated formula that is wholly considered when calculating support payments. It is respectively known as the Florida Child Support Guidelines, which has been established by the Florida Legislature. Some of its factors include:


  • Ages of the children
  • Combined net income of both parents
  • FICA, Medicare, Social Security in effect
  • Individual health insurance payments
  • How much time each parent spend with the children
  • Medical expenses of the children
  • Number of children in need of support
  • The special needs of the children

After child support is established through the courts and submitted to Child Support Enforcement, the amount will not be adjusted unless there is a significant change in circumstances. If the amount due is refined, the court ordered approval must once again be submitted to Child Support Enforcement who will help impose the new amount.

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We want you to focus on building your relationship with your child and continue to provide them with a spawning environment. Our Attorney has the ability and the awareness to help ease the worry and the burden you may be fostering.