Because of the laws in Florida, you and your partner may be hesitant to gain the valid recognition the two of you wish for. The decision to legally authenticate your pledge to one another does have its boundaries.

Aside from a legally bound partnership, there may be many treasured things that the two of you want united. A Domestic Partnership Agreement is a way to adhere your assets so that you and your partner’s belongings are deemed lawful.

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Below are some Areas of Practice that may involve GLBT/LGBT Rights:


  • Adoption
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
  • Estate Planning
  • Mediation
  • Military Discharge
  • Name Changes
  • Property Division

Keep in mind that Florida Laws are not effortlessly synced with GLBT/LGBT Rights. Since application of your GLBT/LGBT Rights are prominent, there are little room for mistakes.

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