Mediation is a form of debate used to reach a resolution in your Family Law case. During your Mediation, you and your attorney will be in the presence of a neutral third-party mediator and the other party to discuss your differences. Generally, this process can help you avoid steep litigation costs and additional court fees. Mediation is also an empowering way to express your input and ensures that the opposing party can observe your opinion.

We Offer Mediation Support ♦ Empower Your Standpoint

Florida law requires that disputes go to Mediation before being brought forth to the Judge. Regrettably, not all Mediations can be resolved. If you feel that your Mediation is filled with disregard and unjust schemes, you do have the right to retract yourself from the Mediation and terminate the process. From there it will rightfully require that your Family Law case be brought to the attention of the judge for reconciliation.

If you think your case may be an ideal fit for Mediation, please contact our firm to discuss your privileges and how Mediation could affect you.