Military Family Law and Military Discharge

If you are in the military or your spouse is, you may have already discovered that military laws differ from that of civilian laws. Handling most legal issues can be a burden but when you blend in the military aspect of it, a level of complexity is attached.

Our Attorney Has Personal Military Experience

There are times when a partner is seeking a legal separation or a divorce from their enlisted spouse. Worries like housing arrangements and child custody may be at the top of the list. To make problems worse, the enlisted spouse is deployed at the time their court date arrives. These are sometimes the incidents of a Military Family Law case. The objective of the deployed spouse will probably require an opportunity to be perceived, we offer that type of assistance. .

If You Are Deployed – We Can Advocate For You

Dishonorable Discharge is unfortunate and is not always found to be proper. If you think that you are a victim of a mistaken discharge, we can offer you the depiction you may be entitled to.

Adoption and sexual harassment are just two other things you may need legal representation for. Regardless of which military branch you are engaged in, we can counsel you.

Know Your Military Privileges