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At the Law Office of Carrington Mead, Esq., we realize that you may eventually need to tolerate the grueling legal system. Or at this time, your livelihood may be lying within the mercy of the law. We understand how important it is to incorporate your matters.

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We emphasize our practice on the areas listed below but our legal knowledge and representation go beyond. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.



The delight of parenthood can go beyond your imagination. Learn about the incentives of adoption and you could own the pleasure of relieving a disadvantaged child.


Alimony is another type of financial obligation that you may quickly learn about while undergoing a divorce. Alimony can be a critical part of your circumstances.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

This option can foster your opportunity to become a parent or expand your family. We represent families, including same-sex couples who choose this form of childbearing.

Child Custody and Visitation

We work hard to make sure your child gets the devoted time and attention you can provide for them. If your current situation is hindering the established court order, we will do what it takes to interject and make a difference.

Child Support

Your child requires a backbone of financial stability. When you are unsure or unable to go about providing it, your child can suffer. We represent custodial and noncustodial parents; know your obligations.


This can be just the beginning of a twisted encounter with your ex-spouse. Do what you can to get control of your situation before it is too late.

Estate Planning

Reputations can be unpredictable, secure your future now. We offer ample financial planning that keeps your wishes in mind.

Father’s Rights

Many men believe they are not offered the same rights as the mother; some feel that they have significantly less. Do not allow your misconception to delay the time you spend with your children. Father’s do have substantial rights.

GLBT/LGBT Property Rights

Your assets are a defining portion of your key existence. Your Property Rights, combined with the trial of GLBT/LGBT Rights can riddle your unresolved turmoil. You can get the knowledge you need from us.


If you know your rights you automatically have an advantage. Since GLBT/LGBT Rights are less known, you may find it difficult to find a knowledgeable attorney. We know your GLBT/LGBT Rights and we will help defend them.


Mediation can sometimes be used to help classify your legalities outside of the courtroom. GLBT Rights also incorporate Mediation as a tool to sort its legal affairs.

Military Discharge Issues

The perception of a Dishonorable Discharge can be an embarrassment to your dignity, especially when you feel that it is undeserved. If you feel that you have been improperly discharged from the military, we can encourage your appeal.

Military Family Law

There are additional ways the law measures your Family Law case when Military Law is part of the equation. Military Family Law can easily become a profound subject.


Establishing paternity may become the first focal point of a bitter separation that involves children. If you may be the father of a child and are seeking to acknowledge your status, you are taking the right steps to shape your future as a potential parent.

Time Sharing

Primary child custody may only be awarded to one parent but that should not offensively impair the time the other parent gets to spend with their child. Creating an effective Time Sharing Plan is feasible and we want you to be aware of the possibilities.