Time Sharing

When children are involved in a separation or a divorce, sometimes parents are unable to agree to arrangements on their own. A Timesharing plan is for the benefit of both parties and most importantly, the children.

♦ Let Us Endorse Your Involvement with Your Children ♦

Eventually situations will change and your child may require different needs, including relocation (outside a 50 mile radius from their current home). Because of this, your Timesharing schedule may need to be altered.

Perhaps you are not getting the Timesharing you have been awarded. Time with the child helps to support a parental connection and can encourage a major level of comfort for the child.

No Child Deserves Lack of Affection ♦ Take Action Without Delay

Once Timesharing is introduced or properly enforced, it will help to ensure both parents are receiving honored time with their child. An opportunity to include your children in extracurricular activities or even access their school records can be important, let us explain the law to you.